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Direction: Executive Committee of European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations (EFSMA)

Organization: Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (SEMED / FEMEDE)

General coordination: Dr. Emilio Luengo Fernández. / Dr. Pedro Manonelles Marqueta

Scientific counselling: EFSMA Scientific and Education Commission.


European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations


1. Submit the application form, duly completed to: cursos@femede.es.

2. Make payment of registration fees by one of the following options:

a. Payment through the website EFSMA (put address).

b. Bank transfer, stating the name of the registered and the concept "Electrocardiography Course for sports medicine" to the account of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine No: ES51 2085 5261 6303 3014 9626. BIC: CAZRES2Z.

3. Refer a scanned copy of your medical degree.

4. Refer a scanned copy of your membership National Society of Sports Medicine.

From this moment, when you check the documentation, you will receive access codes to the course by email.

Any doubt or question related to the course, you must send an email to cursos@femede.es.

Application form

General rate

175 euros


EFSMA members *

125 euros


* You must send a certificate of the National Society of Sports Medicine.


The practice of sports requires the integrity of the body systems of the athlete, but especially the metabolic system, the musculoskeletal system, anthropometric characteristics and the cardiovascular system.

There are millions of practitioners of sport in Europe requiring specialized medical care. The electrocardiogram is a primary diagnostic tool in relation to the prevention of sudden death in the diagnosis of heart disease. The training of athletes’ physician is very important and is recommended by the scientific societies of Sports Medicine.

The objective of Electrocardiography sports medicine course is to provide students the expertise to study the cardiovascular system from the point of view of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to diagnose cardiovascular problems that can affect the athlete, make aptitude for cardiology sports, and meet and diagnosed by ECG susceptible cardiovascular diseases cause sudden death athlete and prevent its occurrence. Furthermore, knowing the characteristics of ECG Cardiac adaptations to stress (athlete's heart syndrome).

Modern communication systems such as the Internet, allow availability of suitable material for this type of training.

The Electrocardiography for sports medicine FEMEDE consists of 7 topics treated with specific contents strong and rigorous way, which are presented in a high quality book.

Course Design

Course "on-line" consisting of 7 topics which read book Electrocardiography for sports medicine.

The course has a final assessment consisting of an examination of fifty questions with five answer choices, being only one of them correct.

The course is approved exceeds 80% or more of the exam questions.

There are four possibilities to approve the course. The period of completion of the course is three months.

The course offers a mentoring system whereby the student can consult, by email, doubts that may arise.


  • Item 1. Myoelectric activity.
  • Item 2. Components of electrocardiogram.
  • Item 3. Growths and overloads.
  • Item 4. Changes in activation sequence.
  • Item 5. Ischemia and other indicators of repolarization.
  • Item 6. Arrhythmias.
  • Item 7. Records ECGs of athletes.

Teaching Material

  1. Book “Electrocardiography for Sports Medicine”, edited by Emilio Luengo - Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (SEMED / FEMEDE). Nexus Medical Publishers SL. Barcelona. 2013. ISBN: 978-84-941074-7-4. (Sample Book)

    The book (which is attached as part of the documentation) has a 24 x 17 format paperback and has 84 pages.

  2. Evaluation form that is managed by computer means.

Period of holding the Course

Being an activity "on-line", the course starts individually for each student, which has three months for completion from the time he activates the password.


The course has 7 independent topics. The topics are contained in the book Electrocardiography for sports medicine.

The course must be passed through the questionnaire / test correctly answering at least 80% of the questions. This correction is performed by the organization of the course.

There are four possibilities to pass the exam. Each time the questionnaire / assessment test is made and have more 20% or more of errors the student will be recommended for re-reading the agenda and be informed of attempts to get approved.

To qualify for the approved course students had to pass the exam in the four options given. If the test does not pass, you can not get the course certificate.


If it meets the criteria of a diploma course approved by the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations is issued certifying the 100 hours of study in which the course is valued.

The diploma is sent in PDF format by email

Professionals who the course is aimed

Course aimed exclusively at doctors (certification is requested).

Pre-registration is done on-line and, once their relevance, that students please register to communicate permanently.

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